Hard Money/Bridge Loans

Minimum Loan $500,000

Hard money financing are for loans that Do Not meet banks or normal financing sources underwriting guidelines and need to close FAST in as little as 2 weeks. Normally are for short time periods, usually 6 months to 2 years. Loans to: stop foreclosures; need funds immediately; buy out partners; pay taxes, bankruptcy workouts; short fuse business opportunities; purchase discounted notes; rehab:


  • Up to 65% LTV


  • Up to 65% LTV


  • Up tp 65% ARV (after repair value)

Foreign Nationals

  • Multifamily (only) –
    • 50% LTV; 5-6%; 3-5-7-10 year terms (Purchase or Refinance)
  • Bridge Loans – 12-24 months
    • 65% LTV (Purchase)
    • 65% ARV (after repair value) Purchase/Rehab)
      • Multifamily / Sr. Living /Hotel/Motel
      • Office / Retail /No Land
      • Most other property types

A hard money loan is a specific type of financing in which a borrower receives funds based on the value of a specific parcel of real estate, normally 50-70% of current value. Hard money loans are typically issued at much higher interest rates than conventional commercial or residential property loans and are almost never issued by a commercial bank or other deposit institution and have higher closing cost. Hard money is similar to a bridge loan which usually has similar criteria for lending as well as cost to the borrowers. The primary difference is that a bridge loan often refers to a commercial property or investment property that may be in transition and not yet qualifying for traditional financing. Whereas hard money often refers to not only an asset-based loan with a high interest rate, but can signify a distressed financial situation such as arrears on the existing mortgage or bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings are occurring.

Types of Properties:

Multifamily / Senior Living / Retail / Office / Other – call for details

Hard Money and Bridge Loans

  • Hard Money loans are for projects that do not meet the normal underwriting guidelines but may offer a good investment opportunity to the borrower.

1. May need to close in a short period of time
2. Loan to value 65% or less
3. Term 6 months to 2 years
4. High interest rates and closing costs
5. Advantage: May be only method of closing a commercial transaction that requires a short closing date.
    a. Save foreclosure
    b. Fast closings
6. Loan is made on Property Value

Bridge loans are used as a stop gap in completing a project of purchasing the land until construction financing is obtained.

1. Loan is based on property value
2. Max LTV 70%
3. Terms 6 months to 24 months
4. High interst rates and closing costs
5. Can close in short period of time.

Please Call to Discuss Details