Consulting Services

Agri-One Financial has been in business helping businesses and working as consulting managers for over 30 years. We provide a very “hands on” approach with our services in every capacity our clients want and need. We will come to you, your place of business or home and sit down and listen to you and go over all ideas, plans, dreams, and financials and add our experienced opinions and ideas to all. We are very honest and often tell our clients “not what they want to hear” but “what we feel they need to hear”. That can be a huge difference sometimes. We specialize in asset and business management and putting together the proper business plan and financing to maximize profits and time.

We often find as new potential clients contact us that they “just aren’t bankable” right now. We work with them until “we get them bankable”.  Most proper business plans we like to define as having three stages. Stage one being figuring out the best plan and identifying how and what needs to be done to accomplish our plan. Stage two creating, putting together and accomplishing everything that is in stage one. And stage three being finalizing and putting together the very best financing and closing the project. Sometimes with clients, this can happen in a relatively short period of time and sometimes it takes time to accomplish all three stages. In any case, Agri-One Financial has the knowledge and expertise and time and will take the extra effort to accomplish the client’s goals.

Often we work with clients just on a Consulting basis and don’t put together financing packages. We are here to just do continual financial and business consulting or just do financing packages, or both together. Whichever our clients want from us, we will accommodate.

The first step, with no cost, is to pick up the phone and call Agri-One Financial. We will listen, talk, and go over all your ideas and financials and again with no cost to you. Call today.