Log/Unique Homes

Agri-One Financial offers financing for log homes and other unique kinds of properties within rural settings.


  • Must meet qualifications for part-time farm
  • Maximum 25 year terms
  • Minimum credit score 620
  • Maximum LTV 75%
  • Can go 85% LTV with 2 like comps


  1. Berm Home – A berm house is one that is built and then the earth is mounded against the walls and sometimes over the roof.
  2. Geo Dome Homes – A lightweight dome constructed of interlocking polygons.
  3. Steel Beam Construction – Homes built with interior beams and or joists constructed of steel.
  4. Straw/Bale Construction – Interior & Exterior constructed to appear as conventional residential housing.
  5. Post Frame or metal Morton Building Style Homes
  • Must meet qualifications for part-time farm program
  • Minimum credit score 700
  • Maximum LTV 70%
  • Garage area not more than 30% of total square footage


Agri-One Financial does not offer financing for;
Converted Barns: barns that have been converted into homes.
Multi-use buildings: buildings where home is attached or part of a building designed for a separate use. For instance a home that is part of or attached to a stable or barn.

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